Survival Food & Water

Food and Water Supplies to be prepared

Water and Food are THE MOST IMPORTANT necessities for every human being. A well prepared person will always be well supplied with survival food and water. They come in a variety of forms and whichever you choose is up to one’s taste and preferences. We highly recommend storing bottled water and canned food. However they have limited shelf life and have to be replaced frequently. For the purpose of long term storage and in occasions when mobility is required, you better choose purified drinking water and food bars. These come in compact size packages, have considerably longer shelf life and are ready to use right out of the package. In emergency situations (outdoors, trapped in an office building, or whenever access to utilities is restricted) when cooking is not possible, long term food and water are the best choice.

Never risk being left without emergency food and water. Better prepare with food supplies for every occasion and take into consideration your unique family food preferences. In a disaster food supplies can be restricted for one-two weeks or even months, so maintain a supply that will last at least that long. Ensure you have a manual can opener and single-use utensils along with foods of your choice some of which can be stored for 5 years and others up to 25 years